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Until recently, Oasis was a small newsletter — a messenger of the Messianic movement in Israel, and the newspaper of the “Return to Zion” congregation. Being a pioneer in this field, Oasis revealed opportunities for evangelism in a difficult environment, sometimes even dealing with a negative attitude. The ultra-orthodox sects used to tear up the newsletter and throw it away, while Leon Mazin, the main inspirer and publisher of the Oasis-Newsletter, was persecuted. Pictures of Leon and his family were pasted on the city posts as “traitors of faith,” but at the same time, the newsletter’s format was copied by others as a useful way to pass on information.

Despite all the obstacles, the Messianic movement and Return to Zion congregation grew, and Oasis grew alongside, turning from an information leaflet into a serious media platform. More and more news and unique materials were published online on the Return to Zion web portal.

The Oasis-Newsletter moved on to a virtual media space, while the open YouTube channel is ranking first, where not only material and seminars of Messianic teachers are being published, but also live video streams from the established Oasis-Media studio in Haifa, and live broadcasts from the services at Return to Zion congregation being performed. Currently the Oasis-Media-TV YouTube channel    has several thousand subscribers and about one and a half million views. As is well known, modern media platforms (for example, You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter) enable two-way communication; therefore, our subscribers are not passive viewers only, but active partakers in the discussions: their questions are raised in the live broadcasts, and they find answers on the pages of the forums.

The year 2017 was a year of development and distribution. Having gained a lot of useful and unique materials in the field of the Messianic ministry, the emphasis has been shifted from production, which is constantly increasing, to expanding the audience. This year, broadcasting on the social media network “Facebook” was launched, and a YouTube English channel was originated.

After exchange visits from and to Taiwan the thirst for messianic materials of a huge audience in Asia became evident. With the help of Chinese speaking believers, translation of materials into the Mandarin dialect of the Chinese language is underway. Thus, the Good News about Yeshua the Messiah will also reach those regions that categorically refuse to accept the “Western” way of thinking. In our modern world of information and information technology, Oasis Media has become a reliable flagship of the Messianic movement in Israel and abroad.

Oasis-Media is not a small congregational project, but a project of graciousness/faith that needs help and financial resources. Please consider prayerfully supporting the educational and broadcasting projects of “Return to Zion Ministry”!

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