Eagle Project

The project was born in 2015,

and it is open to all messianic congregations in Israel.

"But those who hope in ADONAI will renew their strength, they will soar aloft as with eagles' wings; when they are running they won't grow weary, when they are walking they won't get tired.”

Isaiah 40:31

The Eagle Project was initiated by “Return to Zion” congregation in Haifa, Israel, to serve young adults in Messianic congregations in Israel who have completed their service in the Israel Defense Forces.

The purposes of the program including physical and mental rest, spiritual renewal, discipleship, fellowship, and service to local communities at Norway.

The project’s goals are being achieved through close relationships with local Norwegian congregations, mountain hiking, fellowship with local youth, prayer, worship and teaching.  And at the end, the young adults participate in the International Youth Encounter Conference with a lot of worship, testimonies and lessons.

Evgeni Stanukevich

Eagle Project 2017

Ten youngsters from different congregations participated in the program this year. It is so wonderful to be one in the Messiah, learning together at His feet, growing, serving, praying and to fellowship for several weeks.

Each goals of the project has been successfully achieved by connecting with local believers who opened their hearts to bless and embrace these young people. The love we received from our Norwegian friends can’t be described by words. It shows the fulfillment of the prophecies about the unity between Jews and other nations. A living relationship which is based on our Yeshua.

During those weeks, we managed to travel through the mountains and cities of Norway, connecting to local believers, serving in communities, home groups, a rehabilitation center and on the streets. We learned to serve through testimonies, worship and the word of God. 

Every couple of days we gathered for evenings of intercession, worship and prayer. Through these meetings we received a strong anointing and felt the inner change. God in His love healed the wounds of the past, gave hope and strengthened our faith. After this experience the youngsters felt a strong desire to share their personal story with others and the great ability of our God to change and heal.

It is difficult to return from this journey as same person, God is huge, He is near and He want to change and heal.

Project development

God guides step by step the development of our Eagle Project for young Israelis.

Here are some of the plans for the upcoming year:

  •  Weekend meetings to study the scripture, excursions in Israel, discussing important topics and serving Messianic congregations in Israel.
  •  A seminar in Latvia to learn how to pray for people and how to serve their spiritual and physical needs, as well as the opportunity to introduce the body of Messiah in Israel there.
  •  God willing our next trip to Norway with a program will be held in August 2018. This will allow ex-soldiers who already started their studies to participate as well.

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