Pity and compassion ministry

Olim (Immigrants)

This project was born in 2014.
God drew our attention to the big waves of new immigrants (Olim) that come especially from the combat zone in Ukraine.

We started providing them food baskets and supporting with some clothes and every little help that we could scratch from here and there. However, God is huge, He has always a plan and we began to understand the magnitude of this program…

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Ministry to Holocaust Survivors

For many Holocaust survivors, the reality is that they spend most of their time within the confines of their homes, having rare occasions to get away. Hence, our ministry has been hard at work trying to reach out to them and doing our best to brighten up their lives in various ways. So far, we have been ministering to about 400 people who live in Haifa, Krayot and Nazareth. Four to five times a year we organize events dedicated to celebrating the biblical feasts. In addition, during the year we invite them to a number of other special events that take place in our congregation, including day trips around our country...

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Soup kitchen

When communities "Shavei Tzion" and "Netzer Ha-Galil" just beginning their service, we set ourselves two simple goals: to bring the truth to people and feed the hungry. When we prayed about how to participate in the needs of Israeli society, many of us have received the word of God: "feed the hungry".
"Return to Zion" runs two soup kitchens—one in Haifa and one in Upper Nazareth. The kitchens serve hot meals and dry food packages several times a week. Those who are unable to leave their houses have their meals delivered to them...

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